Lady Gaga Poses for Taylor Kinney In Nude Bodysuit, Gushes Over Alexander McQueen Heels


Lady Gaga had lots to celebrate this weekend.

Mother Monster was excited to come off of traveling and reunite with her fiance Taylor Kinney in New York City. "Lion cub stuff," she captioned the selfie of her and Kinney, showcasing him flipping a bird and her bedazzled eyebrows.

Upon arriving to the Big Apple, she was also greeted with another surprise.

Gaga posted numerous pics of receiving several pairs of Alexander McQueen shoes. "When a gift comes to you from Heaven," she gushed over the outlandish footwear with 11" heels. She was also quick to point out that the photo was taken by Kinney, a.k.a. "best fiance ever."

These bizarre heels may look familiar. Gaga wore a nearly identical pair to the MTV Video Music Awards in Sept. 2010.

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"Long Live McQueen," the 29-year-old "Born This Way" singer shared. "Look monsters, we got a sign of love from the beyond. Photo by the babes."

Gaga then attempted to make a tiny McQueen museum in her apartment. "And I just happened to have a glass dome laying around," she Instagrammed. "So they can live protected and happy."

She still wasn't done doting on the shoes. "Shining up the glass sparkly and pretty, listening to Jazz, why a beautiful morning," Gaga added.

After her pumps were safely on display, it was back to enjoying some R&R with Kinney. Gaga posted an adorable video of the 34-year-old Chicago P.D. star cuddled up to her pup, writing: "@missasiakinney, 'Mummy don't bother me I'm with daddy.'"

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Gaga and Kinney got engaged earlier this year, and the pop star was eager to share her guy's proposal prank with ET.

"It was so special," she gushed. "It was actually funny. He first gave me a Ring Pop – a candy Ring Pop -- and I was crying so hard, and I said yes right away, and then he pulled out the heart-shaped diamond and I said 'Oh, God!'"

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