Tom Cruise is Not Dating His Katie Holmes-Lookalike Assistant

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Tom Cruise's assistant may look like his ex-wife Katie Holmes, but that’s the end of the comparison, a source close to production of the actor's new film Mena told People.

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The source says rumors of an on-set romance between Cruise and his 22-year-old assistant Emily Thomas -- who bears a striking resemblance to Cruise’s ex -- "are utterly made up and ridiculous."

"They're not getting married, they're not even dating," the source told People. "Nothing is going on. It's completely professional."

In fact, Thomas is currently in a relationship with Alex Roberts, a 25-year-old director of a U.K. carpentry firm. The couple's Facebook profiles include photos of them vacationing in Europe over the summer and Roberts visiting Thomas in Atlanta, where she is currently Cruise’s assistant on the set of Mena.

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Roberts also posted a photo from the set of Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation, which appears to be from the day of filming when Cruise took on his own death-defying stunt, hanging onto the outside of a plane as it took off!

"The morning came and I'm strapped onto the side of that airplane and I'll never forget, I kept telling the pilot, I said, 'Listen, man. When you're climbing out you've got to make sure because I want my feet against the fuselage. I want that steep climb,'" Cruise told ET of performing the stunt. "With an airplane, you got to really know the weight, the balance, the numbers."

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