Salma Hayek, Tippi Hedren & Sharon Osbourne Outraged Over Cecil the Lion Killing

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Following the death of one of the oldest and most beloved animals in Zimbabwe, Cecil the Lion, many stars have been vocal in their outrage. ET spoke to Tippi Hedren and Sharon Osbourne, who shared their disgust.

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"It actually affected me physically," Hedren said about Cecil's death. "We have reached a time in our world where we are all aware of the fact that within not too many years there won't be any wild animals anymore and it's partly because of the great white hunter."

Hedren is the president of The Roar Foundation, which maintains the Shambala Preserve animal sanctuary in Acton, California. The Golden Globe winner loves lions so much that her daughter Melanie Griffith grew up with the noble creatures, playing with them around the house and in the swimming pool.

Authorities say that American dentist Dr. Walter J. Palmer and his guides lured Cecil out of the national park with meat. The lion was then reportedly struck with an arrow and stalked for 40 hours before being shot, skinned and beheaded.

Dr. Palmer has yet to be charged with a crime and he says he thought he killed Cecil legally.

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"I had no idea that the lion I took was a known, local favorite, was collared and part of a study until the end of the hunt," Palmer wrote in an apology letter to his patients. "I relied on the expertise of my local professional guides to ensure a legal hunt."

None of these words were able to console passionate animal lover Sharon Osbourne, who is beside herself over the loss of Cecil.

"I think what should happen to Palmer when he's dead is that his body should be dragged for a few miles behind a car, then his head should be cut off and mounted on a wall," Osbourne told ET. "This is a man who has used his money to get permits to kill endangered species -- these glorious animals that hurt no one."

Salma Hayek was also devastated by the news.

"I think that we are in trouble when we take suffering and killing as a sport and as a way of entertaining and having a trophy," Hayek told ET. "The people who need a trophy to tell the world they're very good killers, there's something wrong with them. And it's very disturbing."