Kelly Ripa Breaks Her Foot at Dance Class: It 'Sounded Like Bubble Wrap'

Good thing the host has a job where she can stay seated.

Kelly Ripa showed up to Live! with Kelly and Michael on crutches Thursday morning.

With the help of her co-host Michael Strahan, the 44-year-old TV personality was able to make it to her chair and explain why she had a boot on her foot.

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"I was in a dance class which I typically, usually am, and somebody had left a weight on the floor. ...All I know is, I did a jump -- and in my mind I am an incredible dancer as graceful as can be -- and I landed on the weight and my foot went over and under the weight," she recalled. She added that the moment of impact "sounded like bubble wrap."

To avoid being on the nightly news, Ripa said she opted out of calling an ambulance and crawled out of the class and went to have it checked out.

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The good news about her broken foot was that she injured it in a way that doesn't require surgery. The bad news is that she's supposed to wear a boot for the next six weeks. "I'm not going to be in this that long," Ripa touted. "Six weeks, I give it three weeks."

"This was my big hope and my dream that nobody would notice," Ripa quipped about her injury. "It's very traumatic looking but I feel fine."

The host's husband, Mark Consuelos, 44, got a laugh out of the whole accident and recorded Ripa's time at the hospital on his camera. 

"Mark is at the hospital with me and has never in 21 years felt the need to photograph me, videotape me, when I have full hair and makeup," she noted. "But yesterday, he followed me around with a camera, he was never more alive, he loved this moment of suffering."

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This hasn't been a good week for the Live! hosts. On Tuesday, Strahan accidentally gave away a free trip to Puerto Rico after he misheard a caller on a trivia question.

"Honestly, the least you can do is bring Michael with you," Ripa joked to the accidental winner.

But not long before all the flubs, Ripa did get the compliment of a lifetime. Earlier this month, Justin Bieber admitted that he had a "big crush" on the host. Ripa's response to the 21-year-old "Baby" singer was pretty funny: