Caitlyn Jenner Tries Her Best 'Feminine Voice' for Kim Kardashian in a Funny, Emotional 'I Am Cait' Moment


You're perfect, Caitlyn!

You're perfect, Caitlyn!

In a new I Am Cait clip, the 65-year-old Olympian tells Kim Kardashian how she used to call hotel room service, attempting a "feminine" voice, with the hopes of being addressed as a woman.

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"I could never do it," lamented Caitlyn.

"Let's hear it. I'll tell you if you get a 'Yes, ma’am,'" Kim challenged Caitlyn, before taking on the role of room service. "'Front desk! Hey this is room service! How can I help you?'"

"Yes, actually you can help me," said Caitlyn, before Kim had to stop her.

"You sound no different!" Kim said.

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They share a laugh, but the idea of being mistaken for a man because of her voice actually strikes a personal chord with Caitlyn.

"Women cannot relate to the whole 'voice' thing. They don't see it as being that important," she later explained. "It is that important. Not only just for you to speak, and order and do all that kind of stuff, but it's very important for your soul that you're feeling good about that."

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Caitlyn opened up about her "voice" issue, in a blog post she wrote after the ESPYs.

"While I felt like I looked great and that the gown looked fabulous, I still have a voice issue," she wrote. "It’s not quite right compared to my feminine appearance. That bothers me a little bit. However, I hope that people don’t listen to the pitch of my voice, but listen to what I have to say. That’s important to me."
Caitlyn's son, Brody Jenner, talked to ET at the ESPYs about how Caitlyn's journey has reminded them how important it is for people "to be themselves and for them to be comfortable in their own skin."

"Caitlyn has been able to do that and it's a beautiful thing to see and I think everybody should go through life -- because it is very short -- being the person that they truly are and who they want to be," he continued.

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