Candace Cameron Bure Reveals Revamped 'Fuller House' Plot

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Filming has begun for the highly-anticipatedFuller House, and it looks like the storylines are continuing to evolve.

Candace Cameron Bure -- who reprises her role as D.J. Tanner in the Netflix series -- revealed that the revival's previously planned premise of D.J. as a recently-widowed mother-of-two with a third child on the way has been scrapped.

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"She's actually not pregnant anymore," Bure told The Hollywood Reporter. "The baby's been born. We didn't start it off quite so heavy, so some more time has passed than they originally intended.

In the original series, patriarch Danny Tanner (Bob Saget) was left widowed with three young children, including D.J., after his wife was killed by a drunk driver. Danny's brother-in-law, Uncle Jesse (John Stamos), and best friend, Joey (Dave Coulier), move into his home to help him take care of his daughters. Even with the change, Fuller House, retains a similar set-up, with D.J.'s sister Stephanie (Jodie Sweetin) and bestie Kimmy Gilbert (Andrea Barber) moving into the Tanner home.

"It is tragedy that starts off the show, which was like the original Full House, but the themes are always heartfelt," Bure said. "It's always a situation you can always learn something from. Tonally, it will feel the same as the original Full House, which is heartfelt and funny and family friendly, but it's current. It's today's time."

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As more about D.J. as Fuller House's central character is revealed, her life as a mother and widow appears to be significant to the stories they'll be telling, as does her departed husband's life. If you're expecting to see D.J.'s high school boyfriend Steve (Scott Weinger) as the role of her husband, however, you're out of luck. Bure did, however, reveal that Weinger will make an appearance on the show. "Rest assured, Steve is not dead," the 39-year-old actress said.

So who is D.J.'s husband? "You'll learn little bits about him throughout the show, just like you did on the original Full House [with Danny's wife]," Bure explained. "Whether they'll have flashback scenes or anything like that, I have no idea, but we talk about him because you have to. When that happens and you have children, it’s something you have to discuss and discuss those emotions and the healing from it and how to move on."

Fine, we can wait!

Steve won't be the only familiar face making an appearance on the reboot. The majority of the original cast will be returning in some capacity for the 13-episode revival, including Saget, Stamos, Coulier and Lori Loughlin. In fact, the actress known as Aunt Becky recently celebrated her 51st birthday on the Fuller House set.

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The only ones not returning -- at the moment at least -- are Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, though there is still some hope. "The Olsen twins are teetering on whether or not they'll be around," Ted Sarandos, Netflix's chief content officer, said Tuesday during the summer TCA press tour.

At least one pair of twins will definitely be back. All grown-up Blake and Dylan Tuomy-Wilhoit, who played Jesse and Becky's sons in the original series, have returned, and Dylan even shared a script from the Netflix series on Instagram.


We'll take all of the new storyline information and fun photos that we can get!

What's life like on the Fuller House set? Get a sneak peek in the video below.

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