Bill Hader Somehow Manages to Be Creepy and Delightful in Cut 'SNL' Sketch


If only we could get Bill Hader to come back to Saturday Night Live full-time!

The former SNL star returned for a guest-hosting spot last October, just one year after departing the show, and it turns out we didn't even get to see his funniest skit of the night.

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Luckily, SNL fixed that by releasing a 5-minute never-before-seen sketch that was cut for time. In it, Hader plays a life-size robot doll called "Alan," gifted to a seemingly normal couple, played by show regulars Taran Killam and Vanessa Bayer.

Alan is supposedly "the future of casual entertainment," and Hader plays him to spectacular, silly perfection. The super creepy toy is accused of being a "little stinker" multiple times by his new owners (what do they expect from a robot "housed in a dead man's body"?), but he's sort of saved by Hader's trademark nerdy dance moves -- especially since they're set to electronic '80s bee-bop jams.

The full sketch is definitely worth a watch, if for no other reason than the adorably quirky faces Hader makes.

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You could say the future is now for Hader in real life. His career in entertainment -- casual or otherwise -- couldn't have been engineered better, as he's currently taking off, co-starring in this summer's rom-com hit, Trainwreck, alongside Amy Schumer, and lending his voice to the record-breaking Pixar animated flick, Inside Out.

We may not want to "try more Alan," but we'll certainly take more Hader!