Channing Tatum Closes Deal to Star in 'Gambit' Despite Rumors

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No need to take that deep breath, X-Men fans -- Channing Tatum will be starring in Gambit.

Despite reports last week saying that Tatum had exited talks to play the leading role in the X-Men spin-off movie, he has officially closed his deal with 20th Century Fox, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

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Whatever issues were causing the role to be "in jeopardy of falling apart," as The Wrap reported last week, appear to have been solved, though THR did say that a "sensitive spot" had been hit during negotiations.

Last month, the 35-year-old actor made a surprise appearance at San Diego Comic-Con and took part in the world's largest superhero group photo. That was pretty bad-ass and just one of many reasons we couldn't have handled it if Tatum didn't take the role. 

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Thankfully, we will no longer need to go through the five stages of grief. Instead, we may indulge in these five moments of pure Channing Tatum joy:

You're welcome.

Since it will be a while before Gambit comes out, please enjoy the video below, where we reminisce over all of the things we learned about Tatum from his Reddit AMA.

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