Ryan Reynolds Teases the 'Deadpool' Trailer in Glorious, NSFW Fashion

20th Century Fox

F@&$ the X-Men!

That was the consensus at Comic-Con, when 20th Century Fox trotted out no less than Wolverine himself, Hugh Jackman, Jennifer Lawrence and the entire cast of X-Men: Apocalypse, the Fantastic Four gang, and a surprise appearance byChanning Tatum...but all anyone cared about was that epic -- and epically NSFW -- Deadpool trailer.

“As much as I want the Deadpool footage from SDCC officially released, the VFX shots aren't done yet,” Ryan Reynoldstweeted after the exclusive first look inevitably leaked online. “We have something for you in 3 weeks.”

Cut to three weeks later, they’re finally ready to show off the goods:

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Reynolds will premiere the full trailer on Conan on Tuesday. (“We’re filling up his dressing room with chimichangas in anticipation,” the Conan staff jokes.) On Monday, Fox dropped a teaser trailer for the full trailer. And if studios are going to keep making trailers for trailers -- and studios looooooooove making trailers for trailers -- this is how you do it:

“From the studio that inexplicably sewed his f**king mouth shut the first time,” Reynolds, as Deadpool, says in his best “In A World” voice. Translation: Don't worry. They know you hated X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

20th Century Fox

Now, if you thought that was explicit, just wait until you see the actual trailer. It's insanely violent, insanely profane, and has Stan Lee cameo as a strip club emcee. Basically, it is everything a Deadpool movie should be.

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At Comic-Con, ET asked how a hard R-rating helps Deadpool stand out among the countless other comic book movies hitting theaters. "You can put a finger in anything,” Reynolds deadpanned. “Deadpool is unique. He’s aware he’s in a comic book movie...It’s very meta, but at the same time, it’s quite cruel and quite dark.”

And though Deadpool doesn’t hit theaters until Feb. 12, Reynolds already has a sort-of sequel in mind. Hugh Jackman recently asked fans what they're hoping to see in his last outing as Wolverine:

Reynolds -- who if you’re not following him on Twitter, you need to be following him on Twitter -- had an idea:

We would watch that.

Meanwhile, here's what Reynolds told ET about how being a first-time father:

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