Amy Schumer on Being Photographed Next to Jennifer Lawrence: 'I Look Like Her Coach'

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Over the weekend, Amy Schumer, Jennifer Lawrence and a whole bunch of Amy's friends went on vacation together, taking a boat ride off the coast of New York. Amy and Jen even rode a jet ski together.

Sitting down with Jon Stewart on Monday during one of his final episodes of The Daily Show, Amy opened up about her recent meteoric rise to fame and how she got The Hunger Games star to join her and her friends on vacay.

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"She's the coolest chick you'll ever meet, and she's beautiful," Amy gushed before going into the how and why of the experience.

"Once a year I go away with all my girlfriends from high school," she told Stewart. "We went to the Hamptons, because they wouldn't let us go back to Martha's Vineyard."

"You got thrown out of Martha's Vineyard?" Stewart asked, astonished. Clearly Amy and her friends know how to party. "The Kennedys ran roughshod over that thing for like 50 years! What did you guys do?!"

"None of your business!" Amy said, laughing.

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After hinting at just how wild her vacations can get, Amy continued, "Jennifer and I have become friends, and I was like, 'Oh we're going on a boat tomorrow. You should come.' And she was like, 'I think I'm coming!'"

"I filmed a video, actually, of my friends [and me] telling them," Amy recounted. "They're all like nurses and teachers, and I'm like, 'Jennifer Lawrence is coming on a boat with us tomorrow!' So they're all screaming. And then we wound up going jet skiing."

As much fun as she had during the fun vacation, Amy said that some of the pics were a little embarrassing, and made her somewhat self-conscious.

"It became a complete viral thing! So it's my picture next to Jennifer Lawrence's -- like the last person you want to be next to," Amy joked.

Amy actually posted several photos from the trip, including a pic of them jet skiing and one of the whole group forming a human pyramid.

"In all the pictures we took of us, I look like her coach," Amy said, laughing.

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Before delving into her friendship with Jennifer and her film, Amy opened up about the tragic shooting that occurred on July 23, in a Lafayette, Louisiana movie theater during a screening of her film Trainwreck.

"To hear that news broke my heart," Amy said.

She also talked about the press conference she took part in alongside Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer, who is also her cousin.

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"The second this happened, you want to go down there, and so, yeah this has been in the works and I’m so happy he asked to be part of it," Amy said.

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