Iggy Azalea Addresses Nose Job Rumors: 'I'm Not Denying It'


"There are things that I didn't like about myself that I changed through surgery."

Iggy Azalea is getting real about going under the knife.

In a new interview with Seventeen magazine, the 25-year-old "Fancy" rapper doesn't deny reports that she got a nose job. In March, she admitted to getting breast implants in a Vogue interview, and reportedly got both a nose augmentation and a chin implant a few months after that. The Australia native did look noticeably different at the 2015 Billboard Awards in May, as compared to earlier pictures of her from as late as March.

"I'm not denying it. Denying it is lame," Iggy tells the magazine when asked point-blank if she got a nose job. "I don’t think you should be ashamed if you made a change to yourself, which is why I've spoken about the changes I’ve made, like with my breasts."

WATCH: Iggy Azalea Reportedly Got a Nose Job, Chin Implant Before Billboard Music Awards

She further admits that there are "things that [she] didn't like about herself" that she's "changed through surgery."

"There are [also] other things I dislike but I've learned to accept," she says. "It’s important to remember you can’t change everything. You can never be perfect."


"Your perception of yourself can change a lot over time, so I think it's important to wait and make sure it's the right choice," she further cautions. "Plastic surgery is an emotional journey. It's no easy feat to live with your flaws and accept yourself -- and it's no easy feat to change yourself. Either way you look at it, it’s a tough journey."

Obviously, she still feels the pressure of always looking her best.

"It's hard to be a woman in 2015 with social media," she shares. "There's so much more emphasis on taking pictures of ourselves and the 'likes' or people commenting on them. There's a lot more pressure to look beautiful. Some days I just want to look like s**t and feel okay with that."


Iggy has certainly had a year full of ups and downs. In May, she canceled her Great Escape Tour to the disappointment of plenty of her fans, but she also got engaged to NBA star Nick Young in June.

"Mentally, to be honest with you, I just feel I deserve a break," she told Seventeen candidly in June about her tour cancellation. "I've been going non-stop for the past two years, nearly every single day. ... It's very emotionally draining to be on all the time and going all the time, planning all the time. It's a lot, and it's tough. I need a break from everything to just enjoy what I worked so hard for, and I don't really feel like I've had a chance to do that."

But when ET caught up with the star in February, she stressed that she was grateful for all of her career success. "I couldn't have asked for anything different to happen this year," Iggy said. "Everything that I could've ever wanted in my career I've been given the opportunity and to have. ... I'm just so grateful."

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