Taylor Swift Granted These 70-Year-Olds' Wish to Dance Onstage to 'Shake It Off'


These seniors now have music in their minds saying it’s going to be all right.

Australian theater director Anne-Louise Sarks is putting on quite the show at the Belvoir
Playhouse in Sydney this month. It’s called Seventeen and features “Australian theater royalty,” including 73-year-old actor Barry Otto of Strictly Ballroom fame, playing 17-year-olds.

But at the last minute there was a Taylor Swift-related emergency.

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follows “a group of teenagers (!) drinking, singing, dancing, gabbling, worrying and maybe even pashing (!!) their way through their last night of childhood and their first night of adulthood.”

One of the songs they are supposed to sing and dance to is Taylor’s “Shake It Off,” but right before opening night, Taylor’s label -- who is notoriously strict on use of her music -- told the production they couldn’t use the song.

So Sarks took to Twitter, to plea to Taylor directly. She reached out to fellow Aussies Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe to spread the word, and received support from musician Tim Michin (who tried to find a loophole through Ed Sheeran) and Orange Is the New Black star Yael Stone:

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#greygrey4taytay started trending in Australia and eventually Taylor caught wind of it halfway around the world. In just two words, she made everything right:

It’s safe to say the cast was excited:

Now, can we please see a recording of that “Shake It Off” dance number?

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