Chris Pratt Used to Paint Murals Before He Was Famous-Check One Out!

Pratt is a true artist.

Is there anything Chris Pratt can't do?

The Jurassic World  star is truly an artist, and to prove it, you need to look no further than a mural he created for a restaurant during his high school days.

Imgur poster "slartibartfas" went to a Omega Pizza and Pasta in Granite Falls, Washington, and was shocked to see Pratt's artwork on the wall alongside a framed 2003 Teen People article that profiled the budding artiste.


"I've done murals in my high school gymnasium weight room and a Greek scene on the wall of a friend's restaurant," he told the mag.


The now 36-year-old actor even gave it his autograph!


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The poster writes, "I ended up talking to the owner of the restaurant, and she told me about how her son and Chris were best friends in high school and how Chris used to be the dishwasher at the restaurant!"

But this work of art isn't the only painting that Pratt admitted to 12 years ago. "I like doing interpretations of pictures I've seen in magazines," he said at the time. I've even painted girls I know and secretly long for. I'll paint them or draw pictures of them, and they won't know anything about it."

Is there a secret painting of his wife, Anna Faris, that we have yet to see?

As we all know by now, painting is just one of Pratt's many talents. He's also a skilled hair-braider.

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"Not a rubber band. A rubber band will damage the hair," Pratt told ET while braiding a former ET intern's hair. "What you need is something called a scrunchie."

Watch below.:

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