Zoe Kravitz and Chelsea Tyler Share Embarrassment About Their Dads' '#Penisgate' Texts

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It's not easy being a rock star's daughter.

Embarrassing their kids is what dads do best, but Zoe Kravitz got to experience paternal embarrassment on a whole new level on Tuesday, when her dad, rocker Lenny Kravitz, suffered a very NSFW wardrobe malfunction onstage in Stockholm.

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When the rock star crouched down to play a guitar lick, his pants split right at the crotch, exposing Kravitz in all of his underwear-less glory.

Unsurprisingly, the gaffe was a social media sensation, and Kravitz later tweeted a screenshot of a text from Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler with the hashtag “#penisgate.”

"Dude...No underwear and pierced...F*** me…" Tyler wrote. "You never showed me that s***."

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On Wednesday, Lenny’s daughter Zoe Kravitz posted a screenshot of her own to Instagram, showing the texts she sent to Tyler’s youngest daughter Chelsea about their dads’ social media oversharing.

"So our dads talking about dicks on social media is cool," the Dope actress texted to Chelsea, with an embarrassed emoji.

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Tyler’s daughter, who is also a musician, clearly hadn’t seen the exchange yet, responding, "What?! Oh no...Twitter?"

"Oh god…" she replied later, with an embarrassed emoji of her own. "Haha #penisgate."

It’s not easy being a rock star's daughter.

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