Luke Bryan Has His Own Candle and It Smells Like Seduction

Yankee Candle

Ever wonder what Luke Bryan smells like? Of course you have.

The 39-year-old country superstar has teamed up with Yankee Candle for an off-beat branding partnership, plastering his smiling face all over a new line of scented candles. The chocolate-colored candle has been dubbed (both ironically and appropriately) Kill the Lights, after Bryan's new album of the same name.

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So what does Kill the Lights actually smell like? In a word: seduction. In two words (and in a more official capacity): Vanilla Bourbon.

Now before you go running off to the mall to buy all of the candles, know this: The limited edition offering is only available via an online sweepstakes running through Aug. 28. The Vanilla Bourbon scent is available at Yankee Candle stores nationwide, but if you prefer to see Bryan's chiseled jawline on the jar (who wouldn't?) you're going to have to take your sweepstakes chances.

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In related "Who Knew?" news -- there is an option for custom photo labels on any and all Yankee Candles, making it easier than ever to create a creeptastic shrine for your favorite people. Enjoy!

See what Bryan had to say about Kill the Lights, the album, in ET's interview below.

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