Gigi Hadid Says She Eats 'a Couple Cheeseburgers a Week'

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Some people have all the luck.

Supermodel Gigi Hadid
, 20, dishes on her diet in a new radio interview with Nova 96.9, and surprisingly says she indulges in "a couple cheeseburgers a week." The daughter of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Yolanda Foster reveals cheeseburgers are her favorite cheat meal, and eats them whenever she can.

"A few times a week to be honest if it's, like, a regular schedule," Gigi claims. "I mean, obviously, there are jobs I have to plan for that sometimes I'll have to take a month in advance to just kind of focus on eating healthy and working out more, but regularly -- as long as I'm working out -- I love a couple cheeseburgers a week."

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Clearly, it's not showing.

Her enviable physique -- besides good genetics and her age, of course -- can be credited to her boxing workouts.

"I grew up playing volleyball and riding horses so when I moved to New York it was so weird for me to just go to the gym and I hated it -- just to lift weights and run on a treadmill -- so I started boxing and I love it," she reveals. "And it's like the only thing I do."

Just don't ever ask her to join you in a SoulCycle class, a favorite exercise among her fellow celebs.

"I tried SoulCycle one time -- it's like a cult thing in L.A. -- I hated it, it was the worst thing ever," she also bluntly tells 2DayFM in a new interview. "I just, like, didn't get it. For me, with boxing, I get to be aggressive for an hour. I'm really good friends with my trainer so we laugh and talk while we're beating each other up, so it’s fun and I don't feel like an hour's going by. But if I'm strapped to a bike or laying on the floor, I'm like, watching the clock. I'm not really having the best time."

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However Gigi achieves the results, it's obviously working. Last month, she shared an unretouched photo from her swimsuit campaign on Instagram, proving that there's no Photoshop needed when it comes to her super-fit bod. Watch below:

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