Leolah Brown Denies She Was Kicked Out of Bobbi Kristina Brown's Funeral

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Leolah Brown is speaking out about reports that she was kicked out of Bobbi Kristina Brown's funeral on Saturday.

Leolah, Bobbi Kristina's aunt, was thrown out of the memorial service after interrupting Pat Houston as she was walking up to the podium to speak, causing a stir inside St. James United Methodist Church, ET previously reported. But according to Leolah, she has yet to reveal "the true story," and "how it really went down."

"As far as me being "put" out of the funeral with the help of Tyler Perry...??? That is not true," Leolah posted on Facebook on Thursday. "I will tell the true story and how it 'really' went down. As it was and as it will always be; Tyler Perry is loved & respected by me and he is also considered a friend of mine from this day on..."

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As ET previously reported, filmmaker Tyler Perry, a friend of the family, quickly jumped into action when Leolah started yelling "How dare you? How dare you?" as Pat Houston came up to the podium to speak during the funeral. Perry crossed through the aisles to get to Leolah, calming her down before helping escort her outside.

In her cryptic Facebook post, Leolah made it clear that she still has issues with Pat, the late Whitney Houston's sister-in-law and co-guardian of Bobbi Kristina. "Please be aware that this IS NOT OVER with Mrs. Pat Watson Garland and I," she wrote. "There is so much more to come. The world will hear THE TRUTH by Me. Make no mistake about that. BOBBI KRISTINA AND WHITNEY HAVE NOT LEFT US IN VAIN! May God continue to use me as a vessel to bring the truth to light!"

On Saturday, Leolah remarked that the late Whitney Houston will "haunt" Pat from the grave.

"She will haunt her. Pat, it's not over. It has just begun. It has just begun," she told press, including ET, outside of Bobbi Kristina's funeral in Alpharetta, Georgia. "I have information, I have evidence, I have knowledge of who Pat really is -- she is not any relation whatsoever to Krissi -- she's not even a Houston. She's just being the phony person that she is."

Leolah has been outspoken about her criticism of the handling of her late niece's funeral arrangements in the past, claiming in a Facebook post last week that Pat was using Bobbi Kristina’s name "for her personal gain" in seeking donations to her foundation, The Marion P. Foundation.

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Watch the video below for more on the family drama.

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