Hugh Jackman Photobombed an Australian News Reporter and It Was Amazing


We don’t know about stars being just like us, but some celebrities are at least just like the random people you see in the background of local news reports: They love photobombing. Take Hugh Jackman, who photobombed -- or is it videobombed? -- Australian reporter Jessica Turner of Channel Ten outside Sydney’s Children’s Hospital.

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Hugh was at the hospital to launch Fight Cancer Foundation’s Back on Track program with his wife Deborra-Lee Furness. The program is designed to help sick kids keep up with their schoolwork.

You can learn out more about Hugh’s visit and Back on Track in Channel Ten’s feature story here (featuring an adorable FaceTime cameo by Hugh’s mother-in-law).

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Jessica says Hugh and Deborra-Lee stayed at the hospital for about an hour “chatting with nurses and staff” before leaving. Hugh immediately spotted the news crew as he was walking out:


Naturally, he went in for the bomb:


Jessica writes on her blog:

“I kind of heard someone yelling behind me,but like all reporters, I’m practiced at blocking out any background craziness and staying focused, so I carried on.. Until the Wolverine practically had his arms around me! ‘Photobomb!’ Hugh yelled. I was so shocked, I couldn’t believe this mega-star just punked me! I couldn’t help but laugh.”


“The best kind of photobomb, Hugh!” she laughs good-naturedly.

“Sorry,” he calls off camera. Don’t ever apologize for being the best, Hugh.

Speaking of, find out how Hugh responded to his wife’s ‘No Angelina Jolie’ rule:

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