Gavin Rossdale's Former Gay Lover on Gwen Stefani Split: People Want to Blame Me

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Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale shocked fans earlier this week with the announcement that the rock star couple was divorcing after more than a decade of marriage. Now, someone from Rossdale’s romantic past is weighing on the surprising split.

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Marilyn Robinson, a London-based pop singer, sat down with The Insider to detail his history with Rossdale and what the two discussed when they recently spoke on the phone.

"I'm getting kind of the gist that people want me to be somehow to blame for the marriage split and that's just not true," Robinson, who said he wasn’t surprised by the divorce announcement, clarified up front. "I love Gavin. I've always loved Gavin. I want him to be happy and Gwen to be happy and the kids to be happy."

Robinson met Rossdale in the early ‘80s, when the two were both up-and-coming musicians in the London club scene. The pop singer says he and the Bush frontman had a romantic relationship and have stayed in touch over the years.

"We were very close for a very long time," Robinson revealed. "How do I say this without saying it – we were very, very close."

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After their romantic relationship ended, Robinson even attended Stefani and Rossdale's 2002 wedding in London.

"It was just a weird atmosphere," he said of the nuptials. "London is very small and we know all the same people, and when I walked into the reception, I knew everyone but Gwen. I wanted to talk to her and say, 'Hi I’m really happy you’re marrying' - just to cut any nonsense that may have been in existence, but the only person I didn't talk to was Gwen and every time I looked around she was looking at me. I do kind of regret not breaking away from what was going on around me and saying that to her."

Robinson has no doubt that Rossdale’s wife of 13 years knew about their history together.

"She might be blonde, but I don't think she's that blonde, if you know what I mean," he pointed out. told The Insider. "I’m sure she did [know]."

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Rossdale opened up about experimenting with his sexuality as a teen in a 2010 Details magazine interview.

"You're learning about life," the rocker said at the time. "It's part of growing up. That's it. No more, no less."

"That’s Gavin being honest," Robinson said of Rossdale. "People should be able to experiment and find out who they are. I think he’s living his truth. He’s married, he’s got children, he has his music."

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As for their recent phone call, Robinson said the two spoke just a few weeks ago, but did not discuss the divorce.

"We discussed lot of different things," Robinson explained. "He was frustrated and kind of upset. Which makes absolute sense, really. Due to the recent revelations from the divorce and everything, it all makes sense now."

But while Robinson has been involved with Rossdale in the past, and has his own theories about the split, he cautions against believing recent rumors of infidelity.

"What goes on in their house and in their marriage is between them," he said. "At the end of the day it's speculation."

For his part, Robinson wishes his former flame the best.

"They lasted a long time, 13 years and 3 children," Robinson said of the rock star couple. "I don't know that two people couldn’t have tried any more."

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