'Fantastic Four' Director Josh Trank Slams His Own Movie

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It appears even Fantastic Four director Josh Trank isn't a fan of his own movie.

After overwhelmingly negative reviews of the Marvel reboot, Trank suggested that his vision for the film was tampered with in a tweet he posted -- then quickly deleted -- on Thursday.

"A year ago I had a fantastic version of this. And it would've received great reviews," he wrote. "You'll probably never see it. That's reality though."

NEWS: The Problem With 'Fantastic Four'

As of press time, the blockbuster has only a 9 percent fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes. "All movies have problems," ET's John Boone writes in a review of the film. "Sometimes it's that the script isn’t quite there. Or there's drama on set. Sometimes the director and studio have two different visions and can never find a middle ground. ... Maybe Fantastic Four had all of those working against it. Or maybe it had none of them. But something went wrong."

"... Things like 'character motivation’ and 'stakes' can be forgiven if the viewer is enjoying watching the movie, and that's the main problem with Fantastic Four: No one seems to be having any fun," he adds.

According to reports, production of the Fantastic Four film had plenty of issues, specifically, Trank's alleged behavior. The Hollywood Reporter cited "an insider" who describes the director's reported behavior as "erratic" and at times "very isolated." "If you've got someone who can't answer questions or who isn't sure or is in hiding, that's not good," the source said.

Trank was set to direct the new spinoff of Star Wars, but exited the high-profile project in May. "I want to do something original after this because I've been living under public scrutiny, as you've seen, for the last four years of my life," he told the Los Angeles Timesabout his decision. "And it's not healthy for me right now in my life. I want to do something that's below the radar."

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When ET spoke to the cast of Fantastic Four -- Miles Teller, Michael B. Jordan, Kate Mara, and Jamie Bell -- Teller addressed the backlash the remake was already receiving. "Stay off the Internet," he advised to other actors who take on beloved superhero roles. "It's bigger than you are. The Fantastic Four has been around for a long time, and it will continue long after we stop playing these characters. So yeah, just understand that."

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