Kirsten Dunst Says Dakota Fanning Is a Better Child Actor Than Her

Town and Country

Kirsten Dunst is passing the torch.

In a new interview for the September cover of Town & Country, the 33-year-old actress -- who's well-remembered for her childhood film roles such as in 1994'sInterview with the Vampire -- says fellow Dakota Fanning is actually "better" than her at being a child star.

"I know some young actresses who are better at it," Dunst says about dealing with the pressures of growing up in the spotlight. "Dakota Fanning reminds me a lot of myself, but she's wiser than I was at her age."

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The Bring It On actress has been open about her struggles with her own issues, voluntarily checking into Cirque Lodge in Utah for treatment of depression in 2008. Though she was surrounded by drug and alcohol abuse rumors, Kirsten described her problem as "extreme codependency."

"What people expect of an actor is totally ridiculous," she explains. "It's unfair that an artist is expected to speak really well in public and have skin tough enough to withstand sometimes really hurtful criticism, but also, in order to do the job, be really sensitive and in touch with their feelings. So all you can do is be yourself -- just be who the hell you are."

Town and Country

Kirsten leans on her close friends for support -- she says she doesn't like to sleep alone in her house -- and admits to watching "a lot of sh**y shows." "I like to zone out when I watch TV," she says.

But although she's a fan of The Bachelorette, she draws the line at Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

"Oh, no, I can't do them," she says.

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The usually private actress also opens up about her boyfriend in the candid new chat, Tron: Legacy star Garrett Hedlund."We've been together for three and a half years, so, yes, it's going really well," she shares. "We're the same age. He feels like family to me."

Town and Country

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Last September, Kirsten called out all her fans who would rather take a selfie with her than have a conversation in a hilarious two-minute short directed by Matthew Frost. Watch below: