Taylor Swift Is Going to Love This Little Red-Headed Kid Singing & Dancing to Taylor Swift


Taylor Swift
may have announced a new single -- “Wildest Dreams,” the Lana Del Rey-y track on 1989 -- but some people are still shaking it off to “Shake It Off.” Just check out 7-and-a-half-year-old Big Red.

We already know Taylor is going love this kid and will say something on Tumblr about being fierce and following your dreams. We just think he’s really good at twirling.

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Posted by Red Headed Persian Entertainer on Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Also, doesn’t he kind of look like what would happen if Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran had a baby together? Anyway...

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In other Taylor Swift news, on Thursday, rocker Ryan Adams revealed he was recording covers of Taylor’s entire 1989 album. It’s safe to say she was pleased with the news. ("Cool I'm not gonna be able to sleep tonight or ever again...I’M CALM.”)

Adams has now teased a few more clips, including “Out of the Woods,” of which he says, “Omg this is pretty and like - maybe the best sad song I ever did. In the best way.”

“All You Had to Do Was Stay”

And “Welcome to New York.”

We need this whole album ASAP, please and thank you.

Now, here’s what Taylor had to say about Kanye West and her #SquadGoals:

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