Jessica Alba Gets 'Schooled' by Reese Witherspoon at The Honest Company's Headquarters


Then the tables turned!

Reese Witherspoon dropped some knowledge on Jessica Alba!

The two actresses snapped photos together after Witherspoon spent Friday at Alba's eco-friendly business, The Honest Company. Witherspoon was there to learn a thing or two from Alba, as she just started her own company called Draper James, but it seems that Alba was the one who got a major lesson!

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"I got schooled today on all things Southern," the 34-year-old actress joked in an Instagram snap from her company's headquarters in Santa Monica, California.

Witherspoon, 39, also shared a photo from her big visit, as she was thrilled to have spent the day with the "bosslady" of Honest Co. and seemed genuinely effected by the experience.

"I was blown away by how (Honest Co.) are making our households safer and chemical free! I'm converting my whole house to Honest!" she wrote.

Witherspoon was on a media tour to spread the word about Draper James, which follows in the steps of what Alba has built and enters a very busy actress guru market alongside the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop and Blake Lively's Preserve.

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The Honest Company came under fire recently after consumers complained that they were being sold a defective sunscreen product that left many adults and some children badly sunburned. Alba apologized on social media, saying she and her co-founder use the sunscreen on their own kids. "We develop and use Honest Sunscreen to protect our own children -- Honor, Haven, Luke, Evie, and Poppy -- at the park, in the pool, outside, every day. As with everything we do, we take sun protection seriously here at Honest," she said.

Alba's caption included a portion of the statement that The Honest Company shared with ET, which explained that the product underwent testing and provided instructions on how to use the sunscreen properly.

Otherwise, it's been a successful month for the company, which recently reached a billion dollars net worth. It just was just announced that automatic kiosks containing Honest products would be opening in airports, and the company launched a line of organic tampons and pads after more than two years of testing.

Alba formed her company in 2011 after she decided that many products on the market did not meet the needs of "the modern person." As for Witherspoon, her lifestyle brand recently opened with the goal of selling clothing, accessories, and home gifts full of "grace and charm."

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