Kylie Jenner Keeps Saturday Night Calm, Prepares For Her 18th Birthday 'Storm'

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Kylie Jenner kept the Saturday night before her birthday low-key, and who can blame her?

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star, who turns 18 on Monday, shared an Instagram showing herself sprawled out on the couch in front of a fireplace as she watched TV. "The calm before the storm," she captioned the photo. 

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It wouldn't have surprised anyone if she had gone all out Saturday night. After all, Jenner posted a sexy Snapchat of herself earlier in the day in a body-hugging black leather get-up. 

Sisters Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian were in on the 50 Shades of Grey-esque fun, as they also showed off their sexy side in cleavage-baring body suits that left almost nothing to the imagination. Many assumed Jenner was throwing herself a dominatrix-themed party, but alas, the skin-tight outfits were for a photoshoot with photographer Steven Gomillion. C'mon -- the girl isn't even 18 yet!

Kylie's been a busy girl this birthday weekend. The festivities have been non-stop!

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On Friday, Jenner made a generous donation to Children's Hospital L.A. before going out to dinner with the entire Kardashian-Jenner clan, save for Rob, at Nobu restaurant in Los Angeles. Kris and Caitlyn Jenner even came together for the celebration. This was the first time the two have been seen publicly since Caitlyn announced she was transgender, and they even posed for selfies with Kim and Khloe and hugged in the parking lot after dinner. 

No wonder Kylie put her feet up yesterday evening for some much-needed R&R!

How will Kylie celebrate the rest of her birthday weekend when "the storm" officially hits? In Canada, of course! Find out all about her northern adventure in the video below. 

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