Nick Gordon Says He's Planning His Own Service to Remember Bobbi Kristina Brown

According to a comment made by Nick on Facebook, the private service will only allow ' the real family that actually was there for her' to attend.

Over a week after Bobbi Kristina Brown's funeral was conducted at the St. James United Methodist Church in Alpharetta, Georgia, ex-boyfriend Nick Gordon took to Facebook to share his plan to give Brown another private service.

In a Facebook message regarding Bobbi Kristina, posted by Mason Whitaker -- reportedly a close friend to Gordon and Brown -- Gordon commented, "We will have our own service remembering and honoring Krissi. Only the real family that actually was there for her will attend."

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The comment, or possibly the original post, was later removed from Whitaker's page.


Brown's funeral service was held on Aug. 1, and was an intimate service attended by close friends and family. Gordon -- who is currently facing a lawsuit filed by Brown's conservator -- wrote a letter to the Brown's family, begging them to let him attend.

However, he did not end up appearing at the service.

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On Friday, the lawsuit filed by Brown's court-appointed conservator, Bedelia Hargrove, was amended to include an allegation of wrongful death, claiming that after a late-night "cocaine and drinking binge" Gordon "gave Bobbi Kristina a toxic cocktail rendering her unconscious and then put her face down in a tub of cold water causing her to suffer brain damage."

However, no criminal charges have been filed and Gordon, 25, has reportedly assembled his own legal team, which includes famed attorney Jose Baez, who successfully defended Casey Anthony against first-degree murder charges in 2011.

For more on the new amendment to the lawsuit facing Gordon, watch the video below.