Ouch! Wendy Williams Takes a Major Fall Onstage: 'Did You Catch My 51-Year-Old Recovery?'

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Talk show host Wendy Williams
took a nasty tumble onstage during her comedy show in Houston on Saturday night, and of course, it was all caught on tape. Wearing denim daisy dukes and a tight-fitting white shirt, the 51-year-old looked down but misjudged a step walking off the stage, landing on her derriere.

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But like a true pro, Wendy quickly recovered from the incident, and joked with the audience about her fall.

"Number one, this is like our seventh city on this twelve-city comedy tour. Number two, every stage is different," she explained. "I didn't see that s**t. I am 12 feet tall ... But you caught it right? Did you catch my 51-year-old recovery?"

"Shut the f**k up, OK?" she smiled. "There's the fall that never happened!"

The comedian also tweeted about the mishap on Sunday. "Forgot it's the 'Sit Down Tour' not the fall down tour," she wrote.

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