Nicki Minaj Accused of Photoshopping Her Butt, Sets Record Straight

There's no 'butt' about it!

Nicki Minaj is getting people talking again!

The "Anaconda" singer posted a photo with her boyfriend Meek Mill on Sunday that had many fans wondering if she used Photoshop to enhance her butt. Similar to some of Beyonce's pics that seemed to make her thighs look slimmer and objects around her appeared curved, commenters noticed a mysterious shadow or dent on her stylist Oscar's pants.

Instagram comments said things like, "Photoshop fail" and "Nice Photoshop error on her ass and the guy's leg!!!!"

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So Nicki decided to address these fans directly by posting another photo of a text conversation she had with videographer Alex Grizz Loucas.

"Did u photo shop this?" she asks her friend, who presumably took the photo.. "No… Why?" he responds. When she points out the mysterious dent, he answers, "It's just shadow."

"Yall so damn crazy," she captioned the conversation. "I was like we don't need to do that."

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Now, there's no "butt about it!"

But it's not just this pic that made fans go crazy this weekend, Nicki also caused rumors to swirl when she called Meek "my baby father," at her concert in Burgettstown, Pennsylvania.

ET reached out to both of their reps, but neither have confirmed or denied the news yet.

Watch more below.:

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