Amy Duggar Gets Down and Dirty With Dillon King in Engagement Photo Shoot-See the Muddy Pics!


These engagement pics are wild!

Amy Duggar obviously didn't want her engagement pictures to be boring.

Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar's niece has only been engaged to her beau Dillion King for a few weeks, but the engagement photos are already out and definitely a bit risqué for their conservative family.

In fact, the couple got in "an old-fashioned mud fight."

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"Love you even if you are a muddy mess," the former 19 Kids and Counting star captioned one of the many pics with Dillon.

All the mud was Amy's "crazy idea," their photographer Dale Benfield shared on his Instagram. The shots were taken at sunset, which added a beautiful glow to the already happy couple.

They weren't dirty in all the photos, though, as some cleaned-up, sweet moments were also captured.

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"I love when boys make girls laugh," the photographer captioned a pic of Amy sitting on Dillion's lap with a huge grin on her face.

From muddy to casual to evening wear, the couple opted for a few wardrobe changes.

Amy called this one her "booty pic" as we see her laughing once again!

Could they be any more in love?

Amy first announced her engagement on Twitter by posting a photo of Dillon's proposal on July 13.

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She also showed off a pic of the huge rock (not a muddy one) on Instagram while sharing her thoughts and feelings for her husband-to-be. "He loves the Lord, he makes me laugh uncontrollably, he's loyal, he's patient, he's my best friend!" she wrote excitedly. "Of course I said yes!!"

The Duggar family also celebrated the couple's engagement with a pic the next day, but 27-year-old Josh, amid his child molestation scandal that resulted in TLC pulling the family's TV show off the air, was noticeably absent. 

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Of course, it's possible that he was simply the one with the camera, but regardless of where he was at the time, he did congratulate the couple and welcomed Dillion to the family.

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