Kendall Jenner & Hailey Baldwin Get Matching Tattoos -- On Their Middle Fingers


Welcome to the broken hearts club!

Who needs a BFF necklace when you can get matching tattoos instead?

That's exactly what Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin when the model BBFs got matching broken hearts tattooed on their middle fingers.

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Hailey, 18, showed off their new body art on Snapchat. Kendall, 19, opted for white ink, while Hailey went with red.


The broken hearts probably have less to do with their love lives, especially as Kendall is now reportedly dating Nick Jonas, and more to do with those kitschy BFF necklaces that everyone used to rock in the '90s. Picking up one of those accessories probably would have been less painful, but where's the fun in that?

Interestingly enough, the two seemed to get inked on the 18th birthday of Kendall's little sister, Kylie Jenner. Since Kylie has been celebrating all weekend long and was already gifted with a Birkin bag and a Ferrari, she probably didn't need a tattoo to cap off her big day -- even if she can now get one completely legally.

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The Keeping Up With the Kardashian star may have one-upped her sister in the scandalous photo department as well. Even though Kylie celebrated turning 18 with racy photos, Kendall posted her own pic on the social media app that showed off her super toned abs and enviable legs in a skirt with a slit so high it barely qualified as anything more than a sarong.

These new pieces aren't the only finger tattoos on either girl. Just last week, Hailey showed off a tat of her last name in script...

...while Kendall's broken heart is her second tattoo. The other one, also on her middle finger, is of a tiny white dot. See the barely visible ink in the video below.