Serena Williams Flaunts Her Curves for 'NY Magazine' After Being Body Shamed Following Her Wimbledon Win


Serena Williams does a jaw-dropping pose for New York Magazine.

Serena Williams is putting her haters to shame.

The 33-year-old tennis champ shows off her amazing physique in a new photoshoot for New York Magazine, while doing the splits in an ab-baring bodysuit.

If this jaw-dropping pose isn't impressive, we don't what is.

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The incredible photoshoot is especially poignant following her big Wimbledon win last month, and what some people perceived as her constant body shaming in the public eye. The New York Times' Ben Rothenberg in particular caused controversy last month for his article titled, "Tennis’ Top Women Balance Body Image with Ambition," which pointed out Serena's "large biceps" and "mold-breaking muscular frame" in comparison to other women tennis players.

Even Harry Potter writer J.K. Rowling took to Twitter to slam a Serena body shamer.

But Serena's amazing physique is undeniable in the new photos, looking stunning on the cover rocking a form-fitting black turtleneck dress.

New York Magazine

In the new interview, in which she's called a "serious contender for the greatest athlete of her generation,” Serena also talks about what she sees as a double standard for men and women in the sport. Recalling her $82,500 fine in 2009 for saying, "I’ll f**king take this ball and shove it down your fucking throat" to an umpire, she is less than apologetic.

"I just think it was weird," she reflects. "I just really thought that was strange. You have people who made a career out of yelling at line judges. And a woman does it, and it’s like a big problem. But you know, hey."

Though she does admit she now has a different way of handling what she sees as bad calls.

"If someone has a bad call, I'm really forthcoming," she says bluntly. "I'll look you in the eye and say, 'Are you sure?' I'm okay with confrontation. I've just — [eyebrow raise] — changed the way I state certain things."

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Watch the video below to see Rowling shut down a Serena hater in the best way possible.