Luke Bryan Talks Raising His Nephew in a 'Crazy Household'

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With two young sons and a teenage nephew under his roof, Luke Bryan says things have been getting a little wild on the home front.

In an interview with ET on Friday in New York City, the 39-year-old country superstar revealed that just one day prior, his eldest son, 7, put his youngest son, 5, in the hospital.

"We got to town and Tate was in the emergency room getting stitches. Bo pushed him down, he hit a chair, got stitches -- [and] Til's FaceTiming the stitches!" he said, adding with a laugh: "It's a crazy household right now. Just as long as we can keep 'em alive!"

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To hear the country crooner tell it -- that's just another day in the Bryan home, which now also includes his teenage nephew, Til (short for Tilden).

"He put me in a headlock a couple of nights ago, and I really wasn't getting out if it," Bryan admitted. "He's in football right now so he's working out every day... I'll have to still show him who's boss every now and then."

Bryan and his wife of nearly nine years, Caroline Boyer, took Til into their home late last year after the sudden death of Bryan's brother-in-law, Ben Lee Cheshire, in November. Cheshire -- known to family and friends as Lee -- had been the widow of Bryan's sister, Kelly, who died in 2007.

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"We were in the middle of getting this album put together and recording, so when my brother-in-law passed away, we took a step back and had to go into handling the family mode and stuff like that, so it's been a challenging year in that aspect," Bryan told ET. "But the best way to grieve and get over loss and all the changes of that is to try to get back to what you know is your life and get to working on songs.

"It's nice to have the album out, and I know [Lee] is up there smiling that we're out here," he added. "Anytime we had an awards show, Lee was always there. So you know that he's thinking about us out here working hard putting the album out."

And by the sounds of it, Lee's son Til is adjusting well to life with his famous uncle.

"It's amazing having Til in the house," Bryan gushed. "I've got a buddy! I got a man in the house."

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