Chrissy Teigen Has the Best Response After Being Accused of Promoting a Doritos Eating Disorder

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Chrissy Teigen
, supermodel, woman living her best life, and human presence on Lip Sync Battle, has apparently come under fire for promoting an eating disorder involving...Doritos?

recently profiled Chrissy’s daily food intake, in which she revealed that when it comes to Doritos, "I lick off the nacho cheese seasoning and put the chips back in the bag. You still get all the flavor, not all the carbs!"

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She must have been getting flack for it online, because she later tweeted:

Anyone who follows Chrissy on Instagram knows she’s a staunch supporter of, you know, eating. She continued with more tweets -- and gosh, do we love her tweets -- putting the kibosh on the non-controversy:

“sorry. you all aren't morons,” she concluded. “just the people who seriously think i go on doritos seasoning diets. the rest of you are my everything.”

In the same interview, before #DoritoLickingGate even, she revealed, "I eat fast food a few times a week." “There's something about L.A., with the drive-thru -- it's too easy,” Chrissy explained. “I get haters who ask why I would eat that kind of meat? There's a balance with anything. When I cook, everything is organic and very clean...But sometimes you just want a Doritos Locos Taco."

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In actual talk of health and diets, Chrissy recently revealed how she keeps in shape, saying she’s always “had to watch” herself. "My family is not naturally thin and we put on weight quickly,” she told Women’s Health UK. “I find low-carb works for me. Even when I eat healthy grains like quinoa I keep them to a minimum."

And just because we have her Twitter pulled up, we also love this response to anyone who has accused her of getting plastic surgery:

Now, find out why Chrissy thinks Instagram should #FreeTheNipple:

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