EXCLUSIVE! 'Scream Queens': Jamie Lee Curtis and the Cast Spill New Bloody Secrets


If you didn’t already know, we at ETonline are obsessed with Scream Queens. (It's almost an unhealthy level of how much we love it. Almost.)

But we know that you're going to fall head over heels for this deliciously dark comedy too, and we've got the videos that are going to seal the deal!

In anticipation of Scream Queens' special two-hour premiere on Sept. 22, we're gifting fans with four exclusive videos featuring Jamie Lee Curtis, Oliver Hudson, Nasim Pedrad and Niecy Nash as they spill to-die-for secrets about their Kappa-adjacent characters.

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"I play the dean of the college, Dean Cathy Munsch, who loathes the Greek system and every bad thing that it represents," Curtis explains of her kickass character in the video above. "I've seen already three very different ways that she works people to her goal and it's been fun. It's been really fun."

"Maybe I'm evil beyond measure," the original scream queen adds with a coy shrug.

Next up, our Kappa blast from the past: Gigi Caldwell (Pedrad).

"She's a lawyer, although it's very unclear if she went to, like, a for-real law school," the Saturday Night Live alum shared with a laugh. "And she herself was in the sorority, back in [the '90s]. Gigi is a bit of a nut, I was really excited to play this character because she seems very unhinged, [yet] a very confident woman. She thinks she's great." We couldn’t agree more!

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All of you Nashville fans will recognize the handsome devil (pun totally intended!) in the video above.

"I play a professor, the 'hot dad' as they say," Hudson explains of his character, Wes. "And my daughter is 18-years-old and going to college. I've never played a father before, and I was always looking forward to it because I have three kids of my own."

And last, but certainly not least, we'd like to introduce you to the larger than life character, Denise (Nash).

"One of the things that's so delicious about Denise is oftentimes, the black people I know are always saying, 'I wouldn't have did that! I would've said this! I would've said that!'" the actress spilled of her security guard role. "And Denise does everything right. She's not going in the house, she's not staying in the house, you'd better run away and let me give you some sound advice. She really is the voice of reason."

Scream Queens
premieres Tuesday, Sept. 22 at 9 p.m. ET/PT with a special two-hour episode on Fox.

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