Salma Hayek Fearlessly Eats Worms and Frogs on 'Watch What Happens Live'

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Salma Hayek certainly has an eclectic palate.

Andy Cohen decided to see just what the actress would be willing to eat in a Watch What Happens Live game called "Will Salma eat it?!" During the segment, Cohen had actor Craig Robinson presented Hayek with boxes of bizarre foods.

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The 48-year-old star was more than willing to munch on deep-fried frog legs, a jalapeno, stir-fried silkworms and spray cheese. She seemed to like the frog legs the most, as she continued to eat them.

"I will eat just about anything," Hayek admitted. "No onions though."

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There was one dish Hayek seemed repulsed by, and that was Gefilte fish (or as Cohen called it, "kind of like Spam for Jews"). "I'll stick with the worms," she quipped.

While the Fools Rush In star clearly enjoys eating, she shares her secret to staying slim.

"You keep your mouth shut!" she joked. "You eat, but you have to eat the healthy stuff."

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She added, "I know this is very boring but you have to take care of yourself!"

ET recently chatted with Hayek
about her political views, and like her appearance on WWHL, she held nothing back:

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