Is 'Fresh Prince of Bel-Air' Coming Back to TV? Get the Details!

This better not just be someone making trouble in the neighborhood...

Fresh Prince fans might wanna sit down for this...

Will Smith's company has a new project in development that "draws parallels" to The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Deadline reports.

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The popular 90's sitcom, which ran for six seasons on NBC until it's finale in 1996, has perhaps the most successful theme song of any media past, present, and future.

While this is currently being developed as a new show, with new characters, Will's involvement initially sparked rumors that the new show was a series reboot.

Even with the onslaught on 90's retro reboots, we can't help but get excited for this development. Even if the show is not a direct reboot, or revival, we would love the opportunity to see Will and Carlton back at it again, in one form or another!

WATCH: Why Will Smith Chose His Rap Name 'Fresh Prince'

ET talked to a young Will Smith way back in 1988, where he told us how he got his "Fresh Prince" nickname.

"I've been Prince for years and years," he said. "But about two years ago, the DJ's in the streets started scratching, 'fresh, fresh, this is fresh!' Everything was 'fresh,' so I added the ‘Fresh Prince’ on my name."

"I like to rap about things that everyone can relate to," he continued. "After you get into the record, you listen it, you can see that we're being facetious and it is fun."

While his music career didn't last, he did wind up with one of the most iconic TV shows of all time!

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ET reached out to Will's reps for comment.

Watch 19-year-old Will Smith explain the "Fresh Prince" below.