Meet Kylie Jenner's Squad: Singers, Social Media Stars, and Will Smith's Goddaughter!

Here's who's celebrating with Kylie and Tyga in Mexico.

#SquadGoals? You decide.

Kylie Jenner
was legal for a smooth minute before jetting off to Girls Gone Wild creator Joe Francis’ vacation home in Casa Aramara, Mexico to continue celebrating her 18th birthday -- just like she told ET she would!

Along for the ride is rumored boyfriend Tyga, 25, her sister and OG bestie, Kendall Jenner, and a handful of her closest girlfriends. So who makes up Kylie’s squad? Here are the so-called “Lil Babies,” uh, minus Kylie. Maybe she took the picture?

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Anastasia “Stassi” Karanikolaou

Social Stats:
1 million followers on Insta, 160K followers on Twitter

Stassi -- aka @StassieBaby -- is a social media star and one of Kylie’s roomies in her new, $2.7 million mansion, a source tells ET. “Stassi won't post anything on Twitter or Instagram for less than $5,000,” our source continues -- hence all those @HeyWhiteSmile ads. She’s also the one who posted the new shot of Kylie in cornrows that got her in trouble. Again.

Kylie calls Stassi her “most consistent and loyal friend.” “We used to hang out in groups,” she told Teen Vogue. “Then we realized we were in love with each other.” Stassi added, “And that we hated everyone else.”

Jordyn Woods

Social Stats:
364K followers on Insta, 111K followers on Twitter

Jordyn also lives with Kylie part time, though she runs in more than one famous circle: Her other BFFs are Jaden and Willow Smith. “She's like a professional best friend,” our source explains, noting that her mom, Elizabeth Woods, was a popular L.A. socialite. “Jordyn mostly just travels the world with her rich and/or famous friends.” She even attended Kim and Kanye’s wedding in Italy!

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Justine Skye

Social Stats:
447K followers on Insta, 101K followers on Twitter

Justine -- or “The Purple Unicorn,” as she’s known in Tumblr circles -- is from Brooklyn, but used her Internet fame to leverage a singing career, and has since relocated to the West Coast. “She and Kylie became quick friends,” we’re told. Justine is signed with Atlantic records, where she dropped her debut album, Emotionally Unavailable, and she actually has a song with Tyga called “Collide.”

Pia Mia

Social Stats:
2.2 million followers on Insta, 467K followers on Twitter

Pia, who's also a singer, might be Kylie most well-known friend -- she's even appeared on episodes of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. “[But] they had an awkward falling out when Pia decided not to sign with Kanye’s label,” a source reveals. “Now she and Kylie are getting close again.” Pia ended up signing with Interscope, and also has a single with Tyga and Chris Brown. Here's a video of her singing to Kanye and Drake at a family dinner:

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And then there are the crew members who didn’t make the international cut...

Telana Lynum

Social Stats:
205K followers on Insta, 57.8K followers on Twitter

A former child star who is also good friends with Willow Smith, Telana is now a musician and Instagram star who appeared as one of Kylie’s best friends in her Teen Vogue cover shoot. In the accompanying interview, you can listen to Kylie recall when Telana got her teeth knocked out at a party. And just for funzies, you can watch one of Telana’s old music videos here.

Kylie’s squad roster is rounded out by Sophia Richie (713K followers), who “was once in a teenaged love triangle with Kylie and Jaden Smith,” we’re told, before “they put it behind them.” Richie now dates Jake Andrews, who she brought to Kylie’s birthday party.

And Kennedy-Rue McCullough (43.5K followers on Insta), who is Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith’s goddaughter. She's also a TV host and actress who has appeared in movies like Eddie Murphy's Daddy Day Care and once had a guest spot on ER.

Now, get more details and exclusive pictures from Kylie’s Mexico getaway: