EXCLUSIVE: Patricia Clarkson Learns a NSFW Lesson From Samantha Bee in 'Learning to Drive' Clip

Here's a lesson in why men prefer younger women.

“Where do they find all these skanks? Is there a vending machine?”

Bet that’s not something you thought you'd hear Academy Award nominee Patricia Clarkson say anytime soon. But Clarkson has been tapping into her comedic side of late: First with a hilarious, expletive-filled rant on Broad City, and now with a lesson on blow jobs from former Daily Show correspondent, Samantha Bee, in this exclusive sneak peek at their new movie, Learning to Drive.

“They just like them young. They can mold them however they like,” Bee’s character, Debbie, says of men who leave their wives for younger women. “Teach them tricks, like waking them up every morning with a nice blow job...Honestly, it’s nirvana for them.”

“Then why don’t we do it?” Clarkson’s Wendy asks.

To which Debbie cracks, “That is way too much work. Oh my god, why do you think they call it a job?”

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Learning to Drive
follows Wendy (Clarkson), whose husband leaves her for a younger woman. When she finds her newfound independence is hindered by her inability to drive, she recruits Darwan, a soft-spoken taxi driver from India (played by Sir Ben Kingsley, going full Prince of Persia again).

Oh, and Clarkson’s daughter in the movie, Tasha, who she mentions in the clip, is played by Grace Gummer! If you know your Meryl Streep family tree trivia, that’s her middle daughter, after Mamie and before Louisa. The one who was on American Horror Story: Freakshow! Love a Gummer casting!

Learning to Drive
is in theaters Aug. 21.

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