Meredith Vieira Reveals Major Black Eye on 'Today' -- Find Out How She Got It!


What happened to Meredith Vieira's eye?

The talk show host has quite the shiner, and she opened up on the Today show on Friday about how she got it.

"If you're going to laugh, I'm not going to tell you [how I got it]," she told host Hoda Kotb.

The 61-year-old Vieira explained that after she came home from a long flight, it was dark and she was stumbling toward the bathroom when she tripped over her suitcase and hit her head on a dressing room table.

"If it had been a little bit lower, something bad could have happened," she said.

Vieira subsequently got her head checked out, and tweeted on Tuesday about her visit to the doctor.

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"The doc says I’m ok, but 3 lessons here: turn on the light, ALWAYS get head injuries checked out, and never marry a writer!" she wrote.

Why not marry a writer?

Her husband, Richard Cohen, used his own words to describe the incident on his blog Tuesday

"I am the one in my house who has multiple sclerosis. I am the only one who is legally blind. I have limited depth perception and glance off doorways if I am not careful – and I am very cautious – because my lateral perception also is deficient. Yet I survive because I have learned self-preservation," he wrote. "I am married to a woman who has not. Meredith is a klutz, like a drunken sailor on a bender who collides with stationary objects and is a danger to herself."

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Cohen goes on to say that he was not the only one concerned. "The dog was so embarrassed for her he did not even bark," he continued. "Must have been worried about what the neighbors would say."

And the poking fun at her expense did not end there. "The woman is staining the walls, what insects do to windshields. Meredith's doctor was concerned about a possible concussion and ordered a CT scan. 'What did they see?' I asked. 'A brain, by any chance?'" he humorously described the scene. "Her doc wanted to know if it had occurred to her to turn on a light."

Cohen ends the story with, "It may be time to hire a sitter to protect the poor, dottering dear from herself, especially after dark. She is a highly paid professional who long has been a role model for others. Her work on 60 Minutes, Today and now her own show has been a beacon for other woman. A candle in the wind, I say, if she does not wake up and watch where she is going."

Better watch where you're going, Meredith!

Check out the video below to see how Vieira argued passionately over equal pay in the work place