Ricki Lake Warns Against C-Sections in 'The Mama Sherpas' Documentary

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Ricki Lake is aiming to empower women in the delivery room, warning against doctors who choose money over mommies.

"They make more money with C-sections," Lake told ET. "They're three times if not four times the price of a natural birth."

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This is one of the points made in the documentary The Mama Sherpas, executive produced by Lake.

The topical film examines the rise of Caesarean sections with the rate reaching 30 percent among American births. The movie challenges viewers to consider a different format to the birthing process by championing midwives who could work alongside doctors to manage women's care together.

"Research has demonstrated that collaborative care models produce better outcomes for mother and baby, including fewer C-sections," according to the website.

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Lake has two sons with ex-husband Rob Sussman: 17-year-old Milo and 14-year-old Owen. The latter came into the world via home birth in the family's bathtub in New York with a nurse-midwife present.

"I couldn't wait to feel what natural labor felt like," Lake said, describing the water birth. "And it was dramatic and my water broke on my bathroom floor and I was like, 'Oh my gosh! I'm in labor!' ... When you can have an empowered, positive birth experience that really can stay with you forever."

Aside from C-sections, the movie's overarching aim is to urge women to take control of their own bodies.

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"Don't go like a sheep," executive producer Abby Epstein warned. "Don't just trust everything you hear. Do your research. Advocate for yourself."

The Mama Sherpas is in theaters, and is available on VOD and DVD.