Eva Amurri Martino Opens Up About Miscarriage: 'One Little Angel Has Slipped Away'

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'Just like that, it was all over,' the actress revealed on her blog.

Eva Amurri Martino opened about suffering a miscarriage in hopes of helping others who've faced the same tragedy.

The 30-year-old actress shared the heartbreaking news on her blog Saturday, revealing that she and her husband Kyle Martino, co-host of the Travel Channel's 36 Hours, were expecting a new sibling for their 1-year-old daughter, Marlowe. Then earlier this week, they were told they had lost the baby at nine weeks.

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"We heard the heartbeat on multiple occasions, and watched our baby growing at a normal rate… At my next visit for a routine ultrasound, however, the baby's heart was no longer beating," Amurri Martino wrote. "Just like that, it was all over."

Despite her heartbreak, the Undateable star made the news pubic to shine a light on the difficult topic. "I am sharing in the hopes that we can be a light for people going through similar circumstances, and to remind myself and others that there is no shame in voicing our heartbreaks and allowing others to comfort us," she said.

"My doctor told me that this was most likely a case of there being an underlying major developmental problem with the fetus, and that it had simply stopped growing... He also shared with me that this is heartbreakingly common," she continued. "Of course, the fact that it is common doesn’t do anything to help the pain."

Amurri Martino admitted that she felt extremely confused, angry and sad but has still "realized in the past forty-eight hours how incredibly grateful I am for the magic that I have in my life." That magic includes a strong support group that includes Martino and her mother, actress Susan Sarandon, who was in the hospital room when Amurri Martino gave birth to Marlowe last year.

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She closed her post with a heartfelt realization that sharing her story might make others feel less alone. "Of course what I don't have, and what I never will have, is this one little angel who has slipped away from me," she wrote. "And while it will take time for me to make peace with that fact, it gives me a lot of solace knowing that I told -- that I have shared its existence with you, that it mattered, and that we loved it. And that will have to do."

Martino, 34, was supportive of his wife and equally open about their pain on Twitter. "It's a tough week in Martino household, but w/love we go on. Proud of my wife for her grace & bravery in sad moment," he wrote. A few hours later, after people started hearing about his family's story, the former soccer player tweeted his heartfelt appreciation to fans and friends, posting, "It's in these hard moments u notice all the love around u. Thank you all for your kind words and support for Eva, Marlowe and I."

Other celebrities, including Beyonce, Oprah Winfrey and Evelyn Lozada, have been open about having miscarriages as well. Watch the video below to hear Lozada open up about her own difficult experience.