'Pretty Little Liars' Vanessa Ray on Playing 'A': 'I Get to Be a Little Bit Bitchy'

The actress is nominated for Choice TV Villain at the Teen Choice Awards on Sunday.

Vanessa Ray is relishing her new role!

Days after Pretty Little Liars' CeCe Drake was revealed to be 'A,' Ray is opening up to ET about playing the girl beneath the hoodie.

"She's complicated," Ray said of her character. "She's a broken doll herself, so she plays with the dolls. Being 'A,' it's cool. I kinda feel like I get to be a little bit bitchy and have a reason for it now!"

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Ray was looking fabulous on Sunday hitting the red carpet at the Teen Choice Awards, where 'A' is nominated for Choice TV Villain.

"Isn't that cool?! I'm very excited," she gushed of the nomination. "I can't believe that I got nominated for it! It's cool because it's actually like, the show really is 'A' and I'm lucky enough to get to embody that.

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ET also caught up with Ray’s costar Shay Mitchell on Sunday, who said she's relieved to finally have the truth out in the open.

"Now I don't have to worry about it anymore! You can ask me who it is [and] I don't have to lie," she said with a big smile. "So yeah, it's a good feeling."

Prior to the big reveal, PLL creator Marlene King opened up about the decision to have Ray playing 'A' and what we can expect from next season's big time jump.

"We’re kind of finding out together who these girls are five years later," King told ETonline. "It's just kind of fun exploring who they are, and they're having fun exploring their characters too... They definitely get into a little bit of trouble with some alcohol in the premiere. Some cocktails are consumed."

For more PLL scoop, watch the video below.