EXCLUSIVE: Jason Derulo Reveals Why He Was Kicked Off a Flight: 'Southwest, You Got Some Problems!'

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It’s not always easy getting to the Teen Choice Awards.

For Jason Derulo it may have been a little harder than usual: On Saturday, the singer and his posse were thrown off a Southwest flight from Reno, Nevada, to Los Angeles. “It was a little mishap,” Jason told ET on the Teen Choice Awards red carpet. “Basically, there was a little confrontation with the people that work at the front.”

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“We were literally just trying to not cause a ruckus,” he explained. “My security was literally just trying to tell the agent, 'Can we go to this section so we don't cause a ruckus?' There's a lot of picture taking and that stuff going on. They weren't being very accommodating.”

Eventually, Jason and his team boarded the plane, only to be told by Southwest employees that they wouldn’t be staying on that flight, Derulo said. “One of the guys came on the plane, and one of my people were like, 'You're full of s**t.' They were like, 'You guys got to get out of the plane.' They kicked us all off the plane.”

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Meanwhile, Southwest tells ET, "According to our employees, the group refused to follow boarding procedures. Initial reports indicate that several customers complained about the group’s behavior. Our crew, responsible for the safety and comfort of all customers on board, attempted to diffuse the situation; ultimately, local authorities were called and the decision was made to deny boarding to the group. The group sought alternate transportation and their tickets were refunded."

“I had nothing to do with it,” Jason was quick to add. “I didn't say anything to anybody. So they kicked me off a plane. Southwest, you got some problems! But it's all good. I learned from the experience. And I'm getting myself a jet so I won't have that problem.”

If only we could all have our own private jet instead of flying commercial.

After he was apparently thrown off the Southwest flight, Jason Instagrammed a selfie from a private plane and said, "Had to fire my travel agent for booking me somewhere I wasn't supposed to be, but now I'm here."

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