Kylie Jenner Gets Sex Tape Offer in the Most Ridiculous Letter Ever

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This can't be serious...

Kylie Jenner turned 18 just over a week ago and is already being offered the chance to make up to $10 million if she were to make a sex tape with her reported boyfriend Tyga.

In a letter obtained by ET, Steven Hirsch, founder of Vivid Entertainment, which famously released Kim Kardashian's sex tape with Ray J in 2007, writes that Kylie and the 25-year-old rapper "remind us a lot of Kim and Ray J," adding that "We think a tape with both of you would do great as you are both already established celebrities."

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"Vivid has a history of success with a Kardashian family tape," the letter reads. 

"Kim and Ray J star in the best selling sex tape in the history of Vivid and we think a Kylie and Tyga tape has as much, if not more, potential," Hirsch suggests, adding, "Kim's sex tape helped launch her career and would be nothing but positive for you."

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It's hard to ignore how ridiculously written the letter is. The whole thing reads more like a publicity stunt than a serious request. Furthermore, even if you ignore the implications of asking someone who JUST turned 18 to make an adult film (Which... DON'T), Kylie is already an incredibly well-known celebrity figure with her own career, and millions of fans to consider.

While it's unlikely Kylie will be cutting a deal anytime soon, it is worth mentioning that the young reality star drawing comparisons to her older sister is nothing new.

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Kylie told ET in June that her evolving look is very inspired by Kim, saying that, "I love Kim's style right now."

"I think Kourtney and I are similar, and you and Kim are similar," suggested Kendall to Kylie, to her agreement.

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Kim recently even posted a split picture on Instagram showing just how similar the two have become.

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