Mike Epps's Wife Caught Him Trying to Direct Message Another Girl and Twitter Went Nuts!

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The eyeballs emoji has never been so shady.

Mike Epps
is the star of ABC’s upcoming Uncle Buck TV series and will play Richard Pryor opposite Oprah in the Lee Daniels-directed biopic. He’s also married and a father of four. So when he tried to move a Twitter conversation with a random woman named @CeciCitra into DMs, his wife, Mechelle Epps, wanted him to know she saw him:

Oh yeah, she saw him all right.

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We don’t even know what our favorite part of this is: The sheer boldness of it all. Or Ceci’s unapologetic confidence in saying she deleted Instagram because she “wasn’t getting the likes [she] deserves.” It’s gotta be the eyeballs though. Mechelle says so much without saying anything at all.

Anyway, Ceci tweeted back:

Contrary to what some have said, Epps’ tweets have not been deleted. You can go to his timeline right now and they’re all still there. That said, apparently he blocked @CeciCitra real quick:

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Obviously, Twitter went nuuuuuuuts when they got a hold of the tweets and “Mike Epps” started trending worldwide. The memes were truly something to behold:

Quick reminder: What happens on the Internet stays on the Internet...forever.

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