Zac Efron Plays Egg Russian Roulette With Jimmy Fallon



Even when he's covered in egg, Zac Efron looks good.

The We Are Your Friends actor played a game of Egg Russian Roulette with Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday's Tonight Show, and he didn't eggsactly make a clean sweep. 

The rules of the game are simple. There are eight boiled eggs and four raw ones, and each opponent takes a turn picking an egg and smashing it on his head.

"I feel like I'm in the last scene of Deer Hunter right now," Efron admitted.

And he could tell when it was going to get a bit messy!

"This one's wet. I already know it," the 27-year-old told Fallon before cracking the egg yolk all over his suit.

Of course, it would have totally been OK if Efron had felt the need to take off his shirt, especially since it wouldn't have been the first time we've seen his ripped body.


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Even though Efron ruined his sleek suit, he did have fun with the game. "I should be painting these," he joked.

And his competition was fierce, with Fallon also having an amazing breaking egg moment too and tying up the game.

"You have so much egg on your face," Efron laughed.

When the last of the eggs were left, Efron proved to be the ultimate good egg and won, with Fallon dripping in yolk.


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Sorry Fallon, Efron was eggsellent!

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