Jimmy Kimmel Exposes Mumford and Sons' Boy Band Past


Mumford and Sons was once called Mumtown?!

On Wednesday's Jimmy Kimmel Live, the British folk group were featured in a spoof documentary that exposed their alleged boy band past. Called Mumtown, it was also revealed that host Jimmy Kimmel was also a member of the group.

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The guys called him "Mum" because he had a terrible voice. They did, however, let Kimmel write their songs, including "Package For You" and "O.M.G.U.H.O.T."

The Mumtown guys didn't seem to like Kimmel's writing style and so he decided to go solo. That's when the men picked up a banjo and became Mumford and Sons.

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This spoof of VH1's Behind the Music isn't the only thing to go viral for JKL. On Monday, Extant star Halle Berry showed up on the show wearing a sheer black top that exposed her bra and unbelievably fit physique.

Needless to say, Kimmel was thrilled about the outfit and made some pretty humorous remarks. Check them out:

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