You Need to See Lady Gaga's Drop-Dead Gorgeous Gown While Filming 'AHS: Hotel'!


It's time to meet The Countess!

It's time to meet The Countess!

Now that American Horror Story has begun filming their sexiest season yet with Hotel, we've been waiting with bated monsters' breath to catch a glimpse of Lady Gaga's glamorous character The Countess -- aka Elizabeth, the bisexual owner of Hotel Cortez.

And now, the wait is over! We've got your first look at the leading lady dressed head-to-toe in costume, and -- no surprise here -- she looks absolutely incredible.

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On Wednesday night, Gaga and the AHS: Hotel crew were spotted filming at "Urban Light," the iconic landmark at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art that boasts 202 restored street lamps from the 1920s and 1930s.

Gaga was snapped on set wearing a lavish magenta gown, complete with a floor-length cape and two jewel-encrusted serpent broaches. Her platinum locks were twisted into an elegant up-do, and her makeup featured a fierce cat-eye and dark fuchsia lipstick.

To top off the look, Gaga is wearing what looks to be the same, claw-tipped, elbow-length silver glove that fans caught a glimpse of in the first Hotel teaser trailer.

Fans also managed to catch Instagram videos of The Countess' sultry, hip-swaying walk as she passed by the lavishly-dressed extras on set.

Given the heavenly glow of the street lamps, and the perfection of Gaga's gown, we cannot think of a better L.A. location for The Countess to make her grand debut!


NEWS: Lady Gaga's Three 'AHS: Hotel' Lovers Tell All!

Earlier this month, show creator Ryan Murphy revealed brand new details about Gaga's bisexual and polyamorous character.

"Lady Gaga plays a character who has relationships with Matt [Bomer] and Angela [Bassett] and Cheyenne [Jackson]," Murphy spilled at the FX TCA Press Tour of the music icon's leading role.

ETonline caught up with all three of Gaga's lovers, and we got the exclusive scoop of what fans can expect from each of their sexual relationships as they struggle to share Elizabeth.

"She's probably going to make me her bitch," Bassett confessed to ETonline with a laugh. "I think she gets [my character] to do something that I've never done before. It'll be interesting."

Who else is ready to check in?! AHS: Hotel premieres on Oct. 7 on FX. In the meantime, get more scoop on Gaga's character in the video below.