'Supergirl' Star Melissa Benoist on Kicking Butt & Saving the World: 'It Doesn't Matter That She Is a Girl'

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Move over, fellas -- there's a new kickass superhero flying onto our screens.

This fall, TV fans are going to fall in love with Melissa Benoist, the 26-year-old actress who is stepping into the shoes -- or should we say tights? -- of Kara Zor-El, more commonly known as Supergirl.

The CBS drama is already one of ETonline's top TV picks of the season (more on that in a bit!), so we caught up with the Supergirl's leading lady to get her thoughts on stepping into that suit, and why Kara is going to be one of the most "relateable" heroes on the small screen.

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With smash series like Arrow, The Flash, and Gotham already on the air, Benoist is excited to shake-up the superhero boys' club.

"I think everybody is ready for it," Benoist said of having more female superheroes on TV. "It's important to have femininity in this genre. It's her point of view, living through her heroics, and balancing her day-to-day life with it. I think it is relateable.


The blonde beauty continued, "What I love about it though, is that it doesn't matter that she is a girl… You are not going to remember her for that. You are going to remember her triumphs and the way you relate to her as a human being when she struggles."

One of the most pivotal (and thrilling!) moments of the Supergirl pilot is watching Kara, with the help of her best friend Winn (Jeremy Jordan), try on different versions of super-suits before settling on the iconic skirt-and-cape combo.

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"[Supergirl's head costume designer] Colleen Atwood is a genius," Benoist spilled. "She is incredible. From the get-go, she was really specific, and really just detailed and zeroed in on what she wanted it to look like and stand for."

Despite the fact that Kara tries on at least three different crime-fighting clothing combinations, Benoist revealed that she only had to step into one variation of the suit.

"The suit is an indescribable feeling," Benoist gushed of the first time she donned the blue and red getup. "It is kind of unexpected… You put it on and I feel this inner transformation. My shoulders automatically go back, and I get this stance, and you can't help but feel like a strong, empowered woman."

premieres Oct. 26 at 8:30 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.