Amber Rose Speaks Out After Her Likeness Was Allegedly Used in a Prostitution Ring Scam: 'I Was in Shock'

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Amber Rose was allegedly being used to lure young women into a prostitution ring, and she had no idea it was happening. Now, the stunned model is speaking out.

The Los Angeles Police Department is investigating a company that allegedly used Rose's likeness, including her name, photos and videos, to bring in models "for a paid celebrity photoshoot and clothing line," according to TMZ. The potential models were told that Rose was the one spearheading the search.

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Reports claim that once women responded, they were offered the opportunity to interview with Rose through FaceTime, a ruse the company allegedly attempted to pull off by using old uStream clips of the 31-year-old that had a "bad connection" and eventually dropped. The hopeful models were then told their careers would benefit by going on dates with guys selected by the company and were asked through texts if they were open to having sex, according to Page Six.

Rose, who has always been outspoken about any scandals that have come her way, sat down with The Doctors to express her extreme outrage. "I was in shock, because I'm all for woman empowerment and to see something like that, it made me really sad," Rose told The Doctors. "I was young and easily manipulated just like these girls. Thank god, I didn't fall into anything like that."

The Doctors

The Philadelphia native explained that the uStream video the business allegedly snatched up was from four years ago. According to Rose, the age of the clip didn't stop some of the women from thinking they were really talking to her. Their excitement about stepping into her footsteps was how Rose found out about the scam.

"I was on Instagram and someone tagged me in a photo," Rose explained. "It was a screenshot of that video and said, 'I just Facetimed with Amber and she was trying to get me to have sex with guys.'"  The interview with The Doctors follows Rose's tweets after she initially found out about the alleged scam on Saturday, in which she urged women to not respond to a gmail account that used her name. "Tricky F**ks..... Very creative tho. I'll give them that," she also wrote.

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Even though this was the most personal one, it was far from the only scandal that got under Rose's skin this week. She was also asked about the Ashley Madison leak, and Rose was as candid and blunt as ever with her opinion on it. "I feel like every man cheats, that's just me," she told The Doctors. "I do, I'm sorry. But I do feel like if he loves you enough, you will never ever find out."

Perhaps her ex-husband Wiz Khalifa didn't have that kind of true love in his heart when they were together. They split up after one year of marriage, reportedly due to general issues in their relationship, but also due to rumors of infidelity. The two share a 2-year-old son, Sebastian.

Rose's episode of The Doctors will air Friday, August 21, on CBS.