Adam Levine 'Trains Like an Olympic Athlete,' and More Revelations From Celeb Trainer Harley Pasternak

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The fitness expert works out with Kim and Kanye too, and you won't believe what he says about them.

He trains celebrity couples like Katy Perry and John Mayer, Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green (all of whom he says are ‘totally supportive’ of each other), so ET had to learn the latest workout tips from Harley Pasternak. We met up with him to try out Fitbit’s Charge HR Wristband, which he uses to monitor clients when he’s not meeting with them one on one. After a super-sweaty workout (we’re still sore), here are four things we learned from Harley about how the hottest celebs stay fit.

1. Adam Levine Trains 'Like an Olympic Athlete'

Pasternak says the Voice coach -- who, like everyone mentioned here, is a client -- is in better shape than him! “He is absolutely chiseled and has no pain threshold,” Pasternak says. Well, yeah. We believe it.


Levine is also “really competitive” – the two compete on their Fitbits and text each other subtle messages like, “I own you.”

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2. Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo Are Even More Adorable Than We Thought

The supermodel and rock star couple that trains together, stays together. "They [push each other] in a great way," he says. "Adam loves the hardcore intensity of just going hard and being totally exposed to different forms of exercise on a constant basis. Behati’s really about fine-tuning and healthy living."

3. Kanye West and Kim Kardashian Are the Anti-Divas of Exercise

Pasternak says these superstars "never complain." "I would say both of them are missing that pain sensor," he says. "It’s 'is this what I’m supposed to do? OK. I’ll do it.'" We’ll admit we didn’t see that coming based on Kim’s infamous on-camera meltdowns. But, we believe pros like Kim and Kanye are seriously focused. "Both of them exercise because they know it makes them feel better and look better," Pasternak adds.

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4. Ariana Grande is Even More Anti-Donut Than We Realized

Pasternak says the singer is "so healthy, so fit and so balanced with her approach to eating well and exercising." Get this: after our workout session, Pasternak was flying to Asia to meet up with Ariana! "She’s fascinated by foreign cuisine," he says. "It’s about exploring Japanese and Asian cuisines -- the interesting vegetables and foods … seaweed, lotus root … things that make them eat well and be healthy and live long, so she can do the same."

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Above, that's ETonline's Erin Johnson (left) and me .... we got pretty sweaty. But, it was worth it! Pasternak told us he monitors clients as much as possible, because being in shape is about how you’re living 24/7. "The working out -- whether you come once, twice, three times or four times a week -- it's all for naught if you're not eating well and you're sedentary the rest of the day and you're not sleeping well," he says. Well, the man trains supermodels. We're listening! 

Watch the video below to get more tips on training from Harley!